Guangzhou, China Sept. 22-Sept.24, 2015
LN Dongfang Guangzhou
days left before the summit begins.

News: Tnl Express Worldwide Corp. Philippines will attend Global Freight forwarding Summit held by JCtrans      The 4th Global Freight Forwarding Conference 2015 to Be Launched Soon      The 3rd Global Freight Forwarding Conference 2014 Successfully Concluded       How Logistics Enterprise Create More Value When Opportunities and Challenges Coexist      Warmly welcome Mr. Tom van Roon from Netherlands East Total Logistics Bv to participate in our Global Freight Forwarder Conference       Warmly Welcome REAL LOGISTICS from Poland to participate in the Global Freight Forwarding Summit      Warmly Welcome ATLAS CONCORS ApS from Denmark to participate in the Global Freight Forwarding Summit      Welcome B2B LOGISTICS from India to participate in the Global Freight Forwarding Summit      HTK Integrated Shipping & Logistics Solutions Company from Germany will be present at the conference      BUDGET LOGISTICS SERVICES CO.,LTD get ready to attend JCtrans Global Freight Forwarding Conference      Warmly welcome Mr. Xavier Sanz Garcia from Spain to participate in Global Freight Forwarding Summit       Warmly welcome Mr. Mario Spring from UK to participate in our Global Freight Forwarder Conference      A warm welcome to Al-Masar Al-Iraqi Co. L.L.C for attending our Shanghai Global Logistics Conference      Warmly welcome Truth Logistics Japan to attend JC trans Global Logistics Conference.      

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Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2015 is one of the most influential top conferences in logistics industry, a sole grand conference in Asia which covers logistics and its related extended industry and a renewed start after the big success achieved in Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2014. This summit will attract over 500 people from 60 countries to attend. It aims to promote enterprise influence and provide guidance to the thorny development of industry.

This summit will be launched through business activities including Opening Ceremony, forum, name-card lunch, one-to-one meeting, welcome banquet and cocktail party on yacht so as to break the barrier on industry communication and strengthen delegates’ business cooperation. It will provide a sound opportunity for delegates to meet worldwide potential partners and discuss new opportunities of business development face to face.

Opening ceremony
Opening speech
Name card lunch
One-to-one meeting
Welcome Banquet
One-to-one meeting
Tea break
Name card lunch
Cocktail party on yacht (Sightseeing on Zhujiang River)
One-to-one meeting
Name card lunch
Tea break
One-to-one Meeting
  • 3-day meeting
  • 30 mins for one round
  • Over 800 rounds meetings
  • Over 300 enterprises attending
  • Over 500 delegates participating
  • Business matching

The 3-day one-to-one meeting is one of the most active parts with highlights during the summit. The organizor of the summit will open the one-to-one sechedule system one month ahead of time to ensure a highly business matching among all participants. Only those who have arranged the meeting slots could have a face-to-face communicating on the summit.


professor /doctoral tutor of economic management institution of Shanghai Maritime University Luo WenpingLuo Wenping, the professor/doctor Tutor. of Economic and management institution of SHMTU,Graduated from Erasmus University and got his Logistics PHD in 2000. He is engaged in teaching and scientific research in shipping and Logistics Field. Recent years, he is mainly studying the Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Third Party Logistics, Port and Shipping Logistics etc. Now he is setting new courses, like “Logistics Economic”“Logistics Management””The Third Party Logistics” etc, for the undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctor. he is also in charge of about 30 National , Provincial or enterprises scientific research and consulting project.Representative scientific research: National Social Science Fund” the research of the relationship between Third Party Logistics and the Logistics Supply Chain”/Ministry of Communications “ the research of waterborne Transportation Logistics development. Professor Luo would state the high-Level Logistics comprehensively. He would talk about the development of Logistics Industry (traditional Logistics, 3PL,4PL)/ the value and essential feature of High-Level Logistics Services, how to build win-win cooperation relationship between the Logistics Services Provider and the Clients, the challenge of High level Logistics Services practice and how to react, the example of how high-level services takes you the value etc.

Secretary General of Free Trade Zone branch, SISC-DPO Shi GuorunShi Guorun, Secretary General of Free Trade Zone branch, SISC-DPO(Shanghai International Shipping Center Development and Promotion Organization), General Manager of Yangshan Logistics Shipping center, Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Since the China(Shanghai) Free Trade Zone established, he is engaged in investment promotion, especially have an ideas on the Foreign Ship Management and the Financing Lease. He made the first wholly foreign-owned international ship management enterprise settled successfully. The Secretary General of Mr.Shi would make the speech regarding to the below points: the summarizes of China Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the situation of shipping enterprise in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the opportunities and challenges which Shanghai Free Trade Zone is taking, the privilege and the coming new policy etc. he would omni-directionally, multi-angularly analyzes the development of shipping Logistics and the Free Trade Zone.

General Manager Huang GangMr. Huang has over 10 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management (SCM) offering management consultation for third-party logistics, corporate logistics, logistics and supply chain management, logistics information technology. He is experienced in consultation of corporate logistics and supply chain system, supply chain strategy, supply chain execution, logistics management, logistics IT construction and has in-depth understanding of lean production in modern manufacturing, logistics in e-commerce and supply chain management.

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